About Pure Genius

Pure Genius is my teaching blog and learning portal. It’s dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, CEOs and managers master business know-how. It contains journal articles, primers, templates and access to videos and podcasts from leading thinkers and experts.

Initially, I created the portal to support my workshops and lectures by providing access to further learning and resources, such as business plan templates and financial spreadsheets. It has since developed into a website used by many around the globe. The templates are still available, so have a browse and download anything you wish.

The aim of the portal is to provide high quality business learning resources with two clear criteria–pure, i.e. no-nonsense and straight to the point and genius, i.e. brilliant and insightful in the subject. A mix of topics are covered, e.g. achieving your goals, developing an idea, leadership, finance, marketing, managing people and building confidence. I also provide access to videos, podcasts, books and blogs from leading thinkers and experts such as Seth Godin and Tim Ferris.

Why Pure Genius?

  • I provide meaningful content.
  • I love to teach, it’s my passion.
  • You get free access to resources, links and templates that have taken me years to collect or create.
  • All sourced content comes from industry experts and leading thinkers.
  • All content is tested to ensure it meets the pure genius criteria.

Please join me, I love to teach and my goal is simply to help you master business and management know-how so that you can be successful in business.