Developing an idea

Developing a social enterprise idea can be difficult and frustrating as there are so many things to consider, e.g. market research, feasibility, costing and pricing, sources of finance and protecting an idea. I can help with all of these issues. I can do this on a one-one basis, as part of a workshop, or in conjunction with a board or committee.

Business plans

A business plan is a document that will describe your social enterprise idea and how it will be implemented.  Generally, will contain information on the vision, idea, social impact, team, marketing, operations, legal and finance and risks and, if applicable, the exit strategy. It will also contain the financial projections. Social enterprise business plans differ from a private sector business plans because they will contain additional sections such as social impact, benefits and outcomes, the strategic context and a stakeholder analysis. I can help you write a business plan from scratch or review an existing business plan. Business plan training can also be provided.

Financial planning

Business finance is daunting for even the most experienced entrepreneurs and managers. It is even more complex for social enterprises as there is a need to understand standard business finances issues as well as other factors such as social investment and social return on investment. Here are some of the finance topics that I can provide support with:

  • Preparing financial projections – income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements
  • Costing and pricing a product or service
  • Sources of finance
  • Sales forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Analysing breakeven
  • Social return on investment
  • Social finance